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Focus First Proofreading Update: Remembering a Special Life

Focus First Proofreading Update: Remembering a Special Life

It’s been quiet on our end for a bit and we just want to give a quick update as to why.


Honesty is my “middle name” after all, and I wanted to take a second to communicate the fact that I have recently lost one of my precious girls/daughters/cats. Samantha Godon passed away peacefully in my arms on April 19. She had taken a very sudden turn the previous evening, after a 6+ years battle with hyperthyroidism and 3+ years with kidney disease. According to her blood work, she may have been hiding cancer from us as well.


Sammi was the most beautiful girl/female cat in the world and she knew it!! She would flirt with men - not male cats; they had no effect on her except to make her hiss and growl - but human males. She was very motherly to her sister Paddington, always licking her and cuddling with her. And, although I had to prove myself to her at first, she became quite clingy and loving towards me as well. She was an incredible blessing in my life; they both have been. I didn't rescue Paddy and her; they rescued me.


Samantha was my daughter for 17 years. It would be an understatement to say that it’s taken quite an effort to adapt to her absence. We each bounce back at our own rate; there is no guideline for grief. Her sister Paddington (Paddy) and I are slowly adjusting to our new normal.


Work has gone on since her passing, but not much has happened outside of projects for clients. I have slowly been coming up for air and getting back into the rest of the tasks and activities involved with running a business.


Sammi was loved beyond words. I tell/told them each many times a day. I can be at peace with the fact that she knew it and that I was there until the very end. She leaves me with incredible memories to treasure always. I look forward to being able to smile and laugh at all of those soon. Samantha was very special and it was truly an honour and a blessing to be her mother.


If you are personally struggling with such a loss yourself, or know someone who is, this article may help: https://www.findapsychologist.org/understanding-and-coping-with-the-loss-of-a-pet-by-dr-sarah-shelton



- Photos courtesy of Gregory Coman.