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Online Translation Tools and Resources – Beware!

Online Translation Tools and Resources – Beware!

Be wary of free translation tools online! In this day and age of accessibility to so many great tools and so much information online, it’s easy to give in and use the first available thing that one can find to suit his or her needs.


This is a tale of caution.


While some tools such as translation software or Google Translate may be fairly good at translating words from one language to another, they tend to translate word for word and not take the context into account.


You may wind up with the likes of, for example:

“Bill Gates” becoming an invoice and the gates to your backyard. Therefore, lost in translation…


PLEASE use the services of professional translators. Or, at the very least, hire one or a proofreader to review the content that you got translated through such tools before publishing it online or getting it printed, or submitting it as your school project.

The money that you think you might be saving by not hiring a professional translator will be lost tenfold when you wind up losing revenue and clients (or grades) if your written content is of poor quality and full of mistakes.