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Preventing Costly Miscommunications

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I’ve always had a gift for languages, but my main lifetime focus has been to help others. I would have loved to go into medicine to help heal and save the world, but physics, chemistry and I never did get along well enough. I’ve filled the need to help in the health care field by volunteering with seriously-ill children and disabled individuals most of my life. My desire to help others has also linked with my gift for languages. By providing accurate linguistic services, my/our goal is to help businesses and individuals be successful on their end, attract and maintain their own customers by providing French, English or bilingual written and online material of the highest quality and attuned to their clients’ needs.


Misunderstandings occur too easily in this day and age; emails can be misinterpreted as they don’t reflect the tone of the writer. Texts are so full of typos and acronyms that it can be quite the task just trying to decipher them. Clear and concise communications are the key to a company’s success. And our goal, at Focus First Proofreading, is to help you create and publish content, be it unilingual or bilingual, that is mistake-free and accurate. Good communication leads to good relationships and good results.


Focus First Proofreading = Focus on creating clear content. Focus first on the message that you want to deliver. Focus first on thinking about translating into French, if you want to reach the Canadian French market. Don’t think of French as an afterthought, the day before your product or event is about to launch or take place; rather, be proactive by planning for French to launch or be published at the same time as your English content, thus ensuring a broader reach and a much more satisfied bilingual clientele. Hire good translation services providers. And proofread, proofread, proofread! No matter whether you write in English or French or both, always get a second pair of eyes to review the content before you hit that “Send” button, publish or send material to the press! Thousands of dollars have been wasted pulling material off shelves or stopping the presses, or having content totally reprinted due to missed mistakes. Don’t let that happen to you! 


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